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I am 5 years old & this is my little room on the web.
My Mommy is helping me with this page. Here we will tell you some things about me & things I like to do.

I came into this world on December 16, 1994... In January my Mommy & Daddy found out that I have Hemophilia. If you click on that big word then it will tell you more about it. All I know at this point is that sometimes I have to have a shot & it hurts. My Mommy & Daddy tell me that this shot will make me stop bleeding... I use to cry all the time when we did this but I'm 5 now & a really big boy, so I try really hard to be still for them and then I usually only have to get one stick... I usually cry a little though & Mommy say's it's okay to cry. Then it's all over & I'm usually back to my playing & feeling much better...

I really like watching The Rugrats. Mommy say's we will put some of those things called links to these sites later on. I also love playing Nintendo. I might be little but my Daddy teaches me how to play. Sometimes I even beat him. ha! ha!

We are still working on this page so please check back again later.


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