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To My Family Tree!!!!!


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Daniel Thomas Willis
b. 10-07-?? d. ??-??-??
b. Georgia d. Hamilton County, FL
married: Emma Lou Hunt
b. ??-??-?? d. ??-??-??
b. Kentucky d. Hamilton County, FL

Their Children and their spouses!!

1.William Thomas Willis
b. 03-22-1873 d.11-22-1947
b. Jennings, FL. d. Greenville, FL
married: Amelia Wynn
b. 03-18-1877 d. 09-09-1961
b. Hamilton Cty,FL d. Greenville, FL

2. Elder J.D. Willis
3. Jim Willis
4. Henry Willis
5. Gradon Willis
6. Hal Willis
7. Mrs. E.F. Lee
8. Mrs. W.D. Duke

Children of Willie T. Willis/Amelia Wynn

1. Lottie Missouri Willis
b. 02-09-1897 d. 04-13-0993
b. Jennings,FL d. Ellijay, GA, buried in Greenville, FL.
married: Daniel Lee Lewis
b. 03-01-1892 d. 06-13-1947
b. Madison Cty,FL d. Greenville, FL

2. Pearl Abby Willis
b. 02-??-1900 d. 07-??-1967
married: Jesse L. Johns
b. ??-??-1892 d. ??-??-1967

3. Belle Willis
married: Perry Ausley

4. Arie Willis
married: First name unknown, Lee

5. Emma Willis
married: Hinley Goodman

6. J.D. Willis
married: Lenny

7. Wymp H. Willis
b. 06-01-1917 d. 06-21-1967
buried at Evergreen Cemetary, Greenville, FL...
married: Mamie B.

8. Willie Willis
married 2x first wife unknown- #2 Patsy

9. Grace Willis
married: Curtis Thurman

Children of Daniel Lee Lewis/Lottie Missouri Willis

1. Hattie Ann Lewis
b. 10-11-37 living in W.P.B., FL.
married: Fred Maxwell Capps
b. 03-04-35 living in W.P.B., FL.

2. Council (C.W.) Woodrow Lewis
b. 01-22-1933 living in Okeechobee, FL.
married:#1 Betty Ruth Reid
married:#2 Doris
married:#3 Jean

3. Jesse Marvin Lewis
b. 08-29-?? living in California
married: Katherine

4. Lula Mae Lewis
b. 03-25-?? living in Ellijay, GA
married: U.L. Harley

5. Aaron Lee Lewis
b. 01-06-1917 d. 01-27-1977
b. Madison Cty,FL d. Gainesville, FL; buried at Evergreen Cemetary..
married: Ruth Alderman

6. Willie Henry Lewis
b. ??-??-?? d. 05-10-1966
b. Greenville,Fl d.
married: Willa Mae Reddick

7. Infant Lewis
8. Infant Lewis

Children of Jesse L. Johns/Pearl Abby Willis

1. Lucille Johns
b. 1918 living in Georgia
married: Melvin Beard
b. ?? living in Missiouri

2. Dorothy Johns
b.abt. 1922 living in Kentucky
married: Oliver Gay

3. Leroy Johns
b. 02-27-1926 d. 01-31-95
b. Bartow, FL d. Eatonton, GA
married: Eleanor May Newton
b. 1928 living in Georgia

4. Ralph Johns
b.abt. 1930 living in Florida
married: Florence

5. Grannis Edward Johns
b. 1933 d. 1977
married: Shirley

Children of Perry Ausley/Belle Willis

1. John Ausley
2. Brenda Ausley
3. Connie Ausley
4. Edward Ausley

Children of ???? Lee/Arie Willis

1. Bobby Jo Lee
2. Betty Jean Lee

Children of Hinley Goodman/Emma Willis

1. Dorman Goodman
2. Ottis Goodman
3. Evelyn Goodman
4. Bernice Goodman

Children of J.D. Willis/Lenny ????

1. Ottis Willis
2. Ronald Willis
3. Daniel Willis

Children of Willie Willis/??????

1. Gordon Willis
2. Delores Willis
married: Herman Padgett

Children of Curtis Thurman/Grace Willis

1. Ernestine Thurman
married: Ratcliff

2. Doris Willis
last married name unknown

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